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Stamanol 2.5kg Bag

Code: 953
Brand: Stamanol
Title: Stamanol 2.5kg Bag

Weight: 2.5kg



Stamanol is your all year round vitamin and mineral supplement designed to meet your horse's needs and balance their body from the inside out

● Stamanol is an organic vitamin and mineral supplement for horses.
● High absorption
● Boosts the immune system
● Supports & nourishes the nervous system
● Targets the body systems most effected by the physical and mental stresses
● Helps maintain & support the digestive system
● Establishes harmony of the systems of the body
● Suitable for all horses and contains no prohibited substances - WILL NOT SWAB
● Coat Conditioner - leaves horses with a soft, shiny, healthy coat. Healthy horse = Shiny Coat
● Non Heating